I'm requesting prayers for tomorrow's scheduled delivery of our second grandchild.
Our son Jim and his wife,Nancy are expecting their first. Everything is fine except
the baby is in breech position and the doctor felt it safer to have a C-section.
You and I know that prayers are never wasted so I'm asking for back-up support for
all concerned.
I'll fill you in tomorrow on the "results".
Love to all----and thanks !

I'm proud to announce the arrival of Jeffrey Thomas Skojec @ 1:52 PM today.
He weighed 7lbs.4 1\2 oz and was 19 inches long and he and his mom are doing fine.
[Dad seems a little shaky even though he wasn't in the O.R. for the C-section].
He was holding and feeding the baby already [and whispering things to him such as we like the Yankees and the Cowboys].
Of course this Grandma held him for a few minutes before leaving the new family to rest.
Nancy's sister-in-law is a nurse in the nursery and she was with her throughout and brought the baby out immediately
and Jim was in the nursery with them while she did all the vitals and bathed the baby.
Many thanks for your prayers and good wishes. Family is great!

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