Bette Lorraine Place was born February 9, 1922 in Laceyville, PA, and died March 22, 1996 in Elmira, NY
Richard Vare Moore Sr was born August 21, 1926 in Elmira, NY and died September 21, 2004 in Elmira, NY
Children of Bette and Dick Moore are:
1. Bonita Lou Moore was born March 29, 1945
2. Richard Vare Moore Jr was born April 21, 1948
3. Ronald Vaughn Moore was born July 4, 1954
4. Randy Vincent Moore was born March 10, 1961

1. Bonnie's family
Jeffrey David Miller Sr was born January 17, 1942 in Elmira, NY
Bonnie and Jeff live in Cocoa Beach, FL
Children of Bonnie and Jeff Miller are:
1.1 Laura Chey Miller was born August 6, 1965
1.2 Jeffrey David Miller Jr was born April 26, 1971

1.1 Laurie's family
Richard Lew Burdick Jr was born April 28, 1964 in Elmira, NY
Laurie and Rick live in Newton Grove, NC
Laurie is a loving step-mother to Rick's children, who live with their mother
1.1.1 Richard Lew Burdick III (Richie) was born March 2, 1986
1.1.2 Megan Elizabeth Burdick was born June 10, 1990

1.2 Jeff's family
Robin Beck was born April 26, 1973 in Boston, MA
Jeff and Robin live in Somerville, MA
Children of Jeff and Robin are:
1.2.1 Cybele Elena Miller was born September 18, 2006

2. Rick's family
Rick and Cathie are divorced -
Rick lives in Knoxville, TN.
Children of Rick and Cathie Moore are:
2.1 Richard Vare Moore III was born November 27, 1974
2.2 Jeremy Russell Moore was born October 3, 1977
2.3 Adrian Vincent Moore was born December 1, 1979
2.4 Brian Robert Moore was born July 20, 1983

3. Ron's family
Cindy Stethers was born January 27, 1956 in Elmira, NY
Ron and Cindy live in Elmira, NY

4. Randy's family
Nelly Arriaga was born September 4, 1963 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Randy and Nelly live in Elmira, NY
Children of Randy and Nelly Moore are:
4.1 Madison Lorraine Moore was born March 4, 2002

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