Bette, about 1934 ?

Bette, about 1939 ?

She wrote "Pudgie Place" on the back

Bette - Silvara, about 1944 ?

Bette and Bonnie - Silvara 1945

Bette and Bonnie - Elmira 1945

Dick in uniform

Bonnie and Ricky


Bonnie's wedding - September, 1964
From the top: Ronnie, Gary Conrad, Sue and Jack Skojec, Eleanor Place, Randy, John Conrad, Myrlie, Myrle Knapp, Dick and Bette at the end

Randy and Nelly

Randy, Bonnie, Ron and Dick - 1998

Ron and Cindy - May 2001

Bonnie and Laurie

Rick and Laurie

Jeff and Robin

Jeff Sr and Bonnie

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