The Braintrim Messenger was published every Wednesday in Laceyville.
The name was changed to Laceyville Messenger at some point.

It contained news of the world, the country, and the local area, plus many
other interesting items.
The usual layout was
Page 1 - sensational national news and international items
Page 2 - Rev. Dr. Talmadge's Sunday sermon; articles on Temperance and local ads
Page 3 - News and Notes for Women; humor, poetry, recipes; Produce Markets price quotes; and more local ads
Pages 4 and 5- Local news columns; Railroad timetables, ads
Page 6 - A short story (fiction); science, interesting facts
Page 7 - Farm Garden column, more interesting international tidbits, ads
Page 8 - National news, ads

I was lucky enough to find a lot of these papers on Ebay, and I want to share them with you. As soon as I can find a minute, I'll scan some of them and put them here.

In the meantime, here are some I scanned previously.

September 12

September 19

May 29

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