Happy Memorial Day! Hope this email finds all of you doing well and in good health. We are all doing quite well. I thought it was about time for an update on my dad!

He has had a remarkable recovery. He is walking now with just a cane. He is also driving, which has thrilled him to pieces. He goes to church on a regular basis, and occasionally out to eat and for a ride. The doctors, his friends and all of us are simply amazed at how well he is doing. He even played his sax the other day. He looks great and feels wonderful. He and my mom send their love to all of you.

Also, my mom wants you to know that she spoke with Connie and Carol (Newhart) and they told her that they had fixed the graves of our loved ones and put flowers on all of them. They do not want to be repaid for this, but thought it would be nice if anyone could send money to the cemetery for the upkeep. My mom and Aunt Fran have been doing this all along, but they just can't do it this year. If anyone could send even $5.00, it would be so helpful. Here is the address for the cemetery if any of you are interested in helping out:

Charlotte Fassett RD #3 Box 3714 Laceyville, PA 18623

Our love to all of you...would love to hear from you. God bless. Jaynie and the Knapp's


Greetings from the Knapp household, where things are going quite well!

Dad got his prosthesis Friday and he is doing great! Right now, he is only allowed to actually walk on it when the therapist is here, until he gets used to it. But he puts it on twice a day for one hour each time so that he will get used to how it feels, etc. Monday, when the therapist came, he was walking through the house with his walker ... it was a beautiful sight. It's the first time he has walked since Nov. 3rd when he walked into the hospital. The doctor(s) are thrilled with his progress, and of course, we are too. They are still calling him a miracle, which only makes us smile!
Thought you all would want to know.
Love to all,
Jaynie :)
P.S. Mom sends a special thanks to those of you who remembered her birthday ... we can't believe she's 77!!!


Hello everyone!
My dad had his first doctor's appointment today since being out of the hospital. The doctor said that he is doing wonderful! Before the appt., he spoke with the nurse that comes to our house 3 times a week and the therapists that come to our house, and they gave the doctor terrific reports about Dad as to his great progress. So the doctor is very pleased and he gave Dad the "go-ahead" to contact the doctor that can fit him to a prosthesis. Dad is getting very excited about that! His blood sugar readings have been great since coming home, also, which pleased the doctor.

Also, a lady in our church had a beautiful (almost) brand new recliner chair given to her (the kind that are advertised on TV that lift you up and out of the chair), and she in turn gave it to us for Dad. He is so thrilled to have that new chair ... you should see him in it ... he looks great! So God is really blessing us in more ways than one, and we are very grateful! Hope everything is going well for all of you special people! Keep in touch ... love hearing from you!

Jaynie :)


Hello everyone! Just thought you all would want to know . . .
Yes, he came home from the hospital today at 1:00 pm and he is doing great! We have transformed our living room into "his" room ... hospital bed, commode and all! What a joy it was to have him sitting at the dining room table (in his wheel chair) for supper tonight! We are all amazed at what God has done! He is completely off the oxygen. He can move from the bed to the wheelchair to the commode and back to the bed like a pro now! (He slides himself, sometimes using a board.) We are so pleased with his progress and absolutely thrilled to have him home! He is a champion! Will keep you updated as to his progress at home ... just wanted to get this bit of good news to all of you because I know you will all be happy too! I love each of you! Thanks for your prayers, cards, and concern!
Jaynie :)

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