Sue mentioned going down to the creek. Did you ever go when we would turn rocks over and Gary would SHOOT the snake??? I remember doing that a lot. (And I sure wouldn't do it now!) We are really fortunate that one of us did not get shot. Not sure our parents were aware of what we were doing!

I remember fishing in Silvara and over at Beavers Meadows. I WOULD not put an angle worm on my hook nor take the fish off! And I seem to remember catching quite a few. Who took us to Beavers Meadows??? Gary? Not sure but most of the fishing was done in the creek in Silvara, where we also spent a lot of time "dog paddling." Remember Dad throwing Jerry in, and I think he still has a fear of water.

Grandma Place: I remember the room off the hallway entrance and it was where she did laundry and canning. I was always so happy when she would let me help. OOh, wish I knew how many "lines" of clothes I hung on that outside pulley line. Like Sue, I remember doing dishes and throwing the greasy water out the window! I also remember being allowed to split wood so she could keep the fire going. And the great times sitting around the piano, listening to Grandad play his fiddle, and to Mom or one of the sisters playing the piano. I have a huge note book of songs that I collected over the years. Aunt Eleanor gave me the most!

Grandma Place's cookies - well from the comments we all have great memories of them. Did she ever frown??? What a wonderful person and I donnnnnnnnnnnnnnn't think she had anybody dislike her. (The recent newest picture has blinds. I don't remember them....does anyone?

Sally Brugler Pearson

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