Grandad's "shaving cream" jar which when opened produced a "thing" jumping out at you.
Also the sound of expelled gas when you sat down in the rocking chair. He loved practical jokes!

Grandma's homemade bread drenched in peanut butter (and, of course it was fresh out of the oven!).

Grandma's homemade dill pickles...they were also wonderful on the homemade bread along with peanut butter.

Grandad sitting in the rocking chair underneath the wall telephone that extended out into the room...
bumping his head whenever he got up. He often had a goose egg on top of his head as a result!

Grandma's Pansies...

Grandma, Aunt Kate and Chuck watching wrestling matches on TV.

Grandma's Christmas tree in the corner of the living room adorned in not much more than large outdoor lights.

Running one way around Grandma's house while Sharon ran the other to see who could make it back to
the front first...I remember once as I was running past the back door Grandma called to me, so I stopped
momentarily, fully expecting that she was going to tell me how fast I was. Instead she asked me about
the lice I had contacted from the Jackson kids at Silvara School. What a let down....and on top of it all,
my stop allowed Sharon to beat me to the front!!!

Throwing a rubber ball back and forth across the top of the house and hoping it wouldn't end up down
the bank and into the "crick".

I remember when Grandad died...I was at Grandma's house and some members of the family were
unhappy with Joyce because they had just come from the funeral and she said she didn't want to go to
the cemetery because...."all that was left was just a shell anyway". You better believe I mused over that
one for a while!

Sandy Brugler

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